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Capital Gains Tax cliff edge on 6 April 2015 for UK residents with second homes abroad: Tim Stovold comments

“Included in the changes to bring residential property owned by non-residents within the UK Capital Gains Tax charge is a nasty retrospective change to the...

Growth slows as agencies struggle to capitalise on digital developments

Kingston Smith W1’s “Financial performance of marketing services companies” annual survey 2014 highlights the impact of changing digital landscape...

Will Minecraft make Microsoft trendy?

The recent acquisition of Minecraft creator Mojang AB by Microsoft for $2.5bn sparked widespread concern in the gaming community and surprise in the tech quarter of...

How do you value Alibaba?

Until recently people in the Western world knew Ali Baba as an Arab carpenter who upset 40 thieves and was lucky to survive. But on 19 September 2014 Alibaba also...

Innovation Matters

Proposals for the Reform of the Patent Box “The introduction of the patent box is a bold and forward-thinking measure which builds on the UK’s...

Proposed tax relief cut for independent schools: James Cross comments

In response to the announcement today by shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt that Labour plans to introduce conditions to independent schools’ access to...

Tiny logo does not make a uniform

GT writes: My company is undergoing a brand refresh and we want to introduce some consistency in the clothing worn by our front-of-house staff. Can we provide a...

Starbucks’ Dutch tax deal: Unfair state aid?

Following allegations that the Netherlands artificially lowered the tax paid by Starbucks through a complex corporate tax structure,  tax partner Graham Morgan...

Tax complicates the Christmas party

GM writes: I run a sole trader business employing eight people. I am organising a staff Christmas party, which will include partners and spouses. Can I get a tax...

Crowdfunding surge: Darren Jordan comments

A recent report from Nesta and the University of Cambridge predicts significant further growth in crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, anticipating that...

Huffington Post: Mansion Tax

Sir Michael Snyder discusses the likelihood of a Mansion Tax being introduced in his latest blog for the Huffington Post .

Help investors to secure tax relief

JF writes : I am trying to raise capital for my small family business to fund a fresh opportunity. Some new investors have shown an interest in providing the...