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Confidence pulls the UK economy ahead of its European rivals

After a difficult few years during the recession, London’s economy is certainly bouncing back with a renewed sense of optimism, driving the UK economy and leaving its European rivals behind.

Top 10 tips for working with procurement

Following our recent client value seminar, Angela Law of Every Sense has put together her top ten tips for a productive approach to procurement by creative...

Windows XP support cessation: SMEs warned of cyber-attack risk

With Windows XP residing within 77% of UK IT environments, Kingston Smith Consulting urges SMEs to review their IT infrastructure to avoid cyber-attacks

Save £2,000 on NI

TH writes: I employ five people. When I submit my online payroll for April, do I need to do anything to register for the employment allowance, which is being...

Communique Issue 2 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of Communiqué, our regular newsletter for clients and friends of Kingston Smith. After a long winter, one of the first signs of...

Succession Planning

You have a choice: Plan for succession in the positions held by your top team or deal with the consequences when your top talent leaves and you have no-one ready to...

Inept director can be voted off board

AB writes : I am the secretary of a small private limited company set up to service our properties and ensure that all householders share equal responsibility for...

Excel - The App that's Killing you Softly?

This paper discusses solutions for organisations looking to harness the power of Excel but ensure that they are correctly managing their exposure to regulatory and...

BBC Breakfast: Paul Samrah explains the tax changes coming into effect on 6 April

  In a live interview with BBC Business presenter Dominic Laurie, partner Paul Samrah explained some of the key tax changes coming into effect this weekend as...

Presentation slides: Enhancing client-agency relationships

3rd April 2014 Changing the way agencies do business The nature of client-agency relationships is coming under increasing scrutiny, driven by a desire by both...

How to improve your credit rating

Having successfully navigated the various hurdles to agree to supply large national and multi-national businesses a small/medium sized business (SME) will sometime fail the last hurdle of credit checks. SME’s are often unsure how to consider credit position and often leave it.

Is crowdfunding the right option to raise money?

I was recently asked by a start-up business whether crowd-funding was the right option for them to seek raising money. Like many good questions the answer is, it depends.