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Employee benefits: How to effectively retain and motivate your team

Are you concerned that you are missing out on some clever ways to incentivise your staff that your competitors are already successfully utilising? Are you unsure about how much you should be paying out in benefits to your team and whether you are getting the maximum value out of the schemes you currently have in place? Are you effectively using bonuses to incentivise your talent and are you confident that they are in line with the industry norm?

At our seminar on employee benefits, we will be answering all these questions, looking at the financial and non-financial incentives that are often easy wins in retaining and motivating your staff.

Key areas that will be covered include:

  • Bonuses and bonus schemes
  • Equity incentives, including a look at the headline tax implications associated with these
  • Insured benefits
  • Pensions
  • Other non-cash benefits

All these will be discussed within the context of the media sector, with an analysis of which benefits are proving most popular in the industry.

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