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‘Survivor to Thriver’ – How does an agency substantially improve its performance?

We, together with Chris Merrington of Spring 80:20, are delighted to be launching the follow-on to our 2012 ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ report – ‘Survivor to Thriver’. On 26 April we hosted the launch seminar, where we explored the findings and, due to popularity, will be re-running this on 20 June.

About ‘Survivor to Thriver’

‘Survivor to Thriver’ analyses the factors that differentiate those agencies that are simply keeping their head above the water and those that have turned their fortunes around to excel. In order to gauge the primary components behind success, we interviewed a number of MDs and CEOs of agencies that substantially improved their performance over the past few years, covering a range of specialisms within the marketing services sector. Some of the results of the agencies that went from ‘Survivor’ to ‘Thriver’ were astounding, and provide examples that clearly demonstrate how amazing improvements in agency performance can be achieved.  At this seminar, we will discuss what needs to be done.

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