Workshop: Maximising value for sale. Part 2

If you are planning to sell your business in the future you should be thinking now about who might buy it and how to excite their interest and so maximise value.

Quite often, the day to day running and expansion of a business can mean that all the components that make a business an attractive proposition are not aligned effectively enough to command a price that reflects its true worth.

It takes careful planning to ensure that your offering is optimised. The second in our ‘Maximising value’ series, this half day workshop looks at how to prepare yourself before embarking upon a sale, covering:

1.     Preparing for sale: where does your business need to be?

Mandy Merron and Nicola Horton of Kingston Smith Corporate Finance will provide an overview of what your business needs to look like to allow you to command the optimal price whilst also fully preparing you for the transaction process ahead.

2.     Getting your tax position right

Kingston Smith tax partner Mike Hayes will provide an overview of the preparations that need to be made in advance of sale in order to optimise your tax position on exit, including:

  • Getting the right tax structure in place to ensure you make the most of reliefs available
  • Putting the right incentive schemes in place for effective and tax-efficient succession planning
  • Ensuring that any ‘deal’ is structured so that available reliefs and exemptions are not compromised

3.     How to get your market position/brand positioning right

Brand Director Georgia Hall will look at where value lies in brand positioning, using case studies to review:

  • How to effectively market and position an agency brand
  • How to grow and sell a brand
  • The importance of a brand for PE investment

4.     Getting your legal position right

Neal Hodges, Corporate partner at Simons Muirhead & Burton, will provide a lawyer’s perspective on how to prepare for an exit and what to expect from the process itself, including a look at due diligence and the key legal documents.

5.     Delivering exciting growth

Acquirers are attracted by good margins. Agency growth expert Felix Velarde will provide insight on how to deliver substantial growth within a year.

6.     The seller’s perspective

Tim Drake will recount his recent experience of selling his company Flipside to Weber Shandwick, providing details on what preparations can be made to put you in good stead for the sales process.

7.     The buyer’s perspective

Nan Williams, Group Chief Executive of Four Communications, will provide details of what a buyer looks for most in a prospective acquisition.


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