March 14th, 2018 / Insight posted in Newsletters

Education Matters – March 2018

This issue of Education Matters brings together some of the changes that have occurred since our last publication. Some need attention now, while some are coming up on the horizon. Individually, none of the changes are particularly onerous. While we cannot ignore the potential impact of the various political and economic machinations going on both at home and abroad, we cannot predict the outcomes.

Discussions during the autumn audits proved insightful. Even with all the uncertainty, pupil numbers seemed to be holding steady for the most part. Stable numbers and prudent spending meant schools having healthy surpluses to reinvest. However, no schools were being complacent. Keeping fee increases to a minimum was proving difficult as there were still concerns over pupil numbers, coupled together with rising costs.

In this issue:

  • The GDPR and its impact on the school sector
  • Cyber-security issues for schools
  • Revised Charity Governance Code
  • VAT: topical developments
  • Understanding performance-related pay
  • Significant changes for schools with trading subsidiaries
  • Charity Commission Annual Return for 2018

If you would like to discuss any of these topics in more detail, please contact Anjali Kothari