November 22nd, 2018 / Insight posted in Articles, KS News

Kingston Smith celebrates the capital’s connectivity through the centuries

In November, we celebrated London’s connectivity – past, present and future. We thought it fitting to hold an event in the Museum of London, as it lies right at the heart of the city, where ancient collides with modern. Tracing London through the millennia, each with its own technological ingenuity, brings into focus the whole reason for London’s very existence – its location for connectivity.

To discuss London’s modern-day connectivity was Crossrail and HS2 chairman Sir Terry Morgan CBE. Sir Terry recounted the engineering feats of tunnelling among (and narrowly avoiding) the maze of tube lines, underground rivers and fatberg sewers. When it opens, the Elizabeth line will connect 41 stations over 100 kilometres and convey 280 million passengers a year.

Jackie Keily, the museum’s senior curator of prehistory and Roman narrated the Neolithic, Roman, medieval and Victorian chapters of London’s story, illustrated by artefacts unearthed during the Elizabeth line excavations.

In a hundred years’ time, Crossrail’s tunnels will be the newest chapter in London’s remarkable history of connectivity.