July 1st, 2016 / Insight posted in Newsletters

Marketing Monitor Summer 2016

The marketing services sector continues to come under pressure as a result of the on-going effects of digital disruption, rising property and staff costs, and changing client behavioural patterns. To add to this, the result of the EU referendum last week catches the sector at a delicate time, with the long-term impact of this turn of events creating an unnerving environment characterised by unpredictability.

In this issue of Marketing Monitor, we provide an overview of the financial performance of marketing services companies based on the latest financial results filed, with a particular focus on the following sectors:

  • Top 50 advertising agencies
  • Top 30 branding and design agencies
  • Top 30 digital agencies
  • Top 40 marketing and sales promotion agencies
  • Top 30 media buying agencies
  • Top 40 PR consultancies

Also included in the issue is our ‘Monitoring the Markets’ section, which tracks the share prices of marketing services groups listed on the London Stock Exchange or Alternative Investment Market against the performance of the leading 100 shares on the FTSE. As expected, the Brexit vote had an immediate impact on the markets and analysts are endeavouring to predict the long-term forecast with difficulty.