May 9th, 2016 / Insight posted in Blog

How Mobility can Improve your Profit Margin

There is an aspect of any business that can always be improved: efficiency. Waste occurs in many forms and it’s an inescapable part of businesses whether it’s time, effort or money. But with the advent of modern technology came a new age of efficiency. Technology has been transformative to the workplace and it’s still evolving every day as innovation pushes us towards a more efficient society.. When it comes to improving efficiency, while meeting revenue goals, mobile is the way forward. Here are some ways it can save you time and money:

Better communication

Gone are the days of letter writing and fax machines. Landlines revolutionised communication, but now people are taking the next step and swopping landlines for mobile phones and other handheld devices. Smart devices (such as phones, tablets and laptops) are increasing our efficiency in two ways. Firstly, you are no longer chained to the office and restricted to 9-5 hours. This means you have the ability to work anywhere and anytime, which will naturally improve your efficiency (and ergo your profits). Secondly, there are countless apps and programmes that complement the internet connectivity we have today. From a simple text to a video conference, communication can be as personal and fast as you want it to be, without  the limitations of geography or time. A lot of these methods of communication are free after the initial cost of a device, so you save on time and money while working towards your business goals faster.

Streamlined operations

From the cloud to bring-your-own-device policies, there are many ways to integrate mobile technology into your business. For instance, moving your IT systems onto the cloud will save your business operational costs, square footage (because you won’t need to rely so much on physical servers) and maintenance. It also allows modernised programmes to be utilised that will save time and technical headaches. BYOD policies also streamline operations because they encourage mobile working with little cost to the business. Smart devices aren’t physically held back by traditional methods of working such as desktops and landlines, so implementing BYOD policies allows your employees to make the most efficient use of their time and talents to reach their targets.

Responsive sales

Consumers are shrewder than ever, so stellar customer service is a priority. No matter what you’re selling, it is essential to be responsive and accommodating. Mobile technology has revolutionised the way this can be achieved. Fast-paced mobile solutions have raised the expectations of consumers, but using the same solutions to your advantage can easily meet these expectations. Whatever a customer needs, you now have the ability to respond almost immediately. If you take advantage of this, you can get your customer’s needs taken care of in a timely and efficient manner, meeting your goals faster, and in turn leaving your customers satisfied and open to using your service again. Fast response means fast profit.

Your existing business operations may feel comfortable for now, but mobile working is a source of efficiency and productivity that, when tapped into, transforms the way a business works for the better. Mobility enables you to stay on top of technological changes and ahead of your competition.

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