December 6th, 2016 / Insight posted in Blog

How to network the right way

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This saying is something we hear all the time, but it holds very true in business. If you form long lasting relationships, you are much more likely to grow your business by calling on people when you need them.

Networking can often be seen as a daunting prospect for many. What are you supposed to say? When should you respond? At the end of the day, networking is important for business these days. It is often the best way to create quality leads and building up partnerships. In addition, you are perceived as a likable person, then you are much more likely to be thought of first when someone needs a service of product that you may offer.

Here are some top tips for you to effectively network the best way possible for your business.

Create a diverse network

Don’t be fooled by wanting to attend events that just cater to your own industry. These are your competitors and therefore it is much more useful to attend events that cater to a diverse group of industries and you will be more likely to find opportunities for your business.

Don’t just think about yourself

As mentioned, if you know someone that someone else could benefit from meeting, then offer to introduce them. Networking is about building trust and connections with people, and if you are able to help out others, they will think of you as trustworthy and memorable. Little things can go a long way in business. And remember, there is generally a code of reciprocity involved in business, where if you help someone, then if they are able to, they will certainly want to help you out too.

Log your contacts the next day

Once you have had a day or evening of networking, make sure by the next day you follow up and log your contacts. It is pointless spending time connecting with people and then not contacting them again – which happens all too often. Schedule in some time to spend 20 minutes the following morning after a networking event to follow up on contacts and add them on to Linked in. Try to add as much detail as possible. One way to effectively do this is by writing on the back of business cards what they do and anything of interest that you discussed with them.

Reach out

It may be daunting to reach out after meeting someone for the first time. The overall aim is to build solid relationships, but this take time. Why not try to connect with them on a human level? For example, perhaps invite them to another event either business related or a shared interest you may have found out.

To conclude, networking is essential for modern business and by doing this the right way, you can build lasting business relationships and network with confidence for your business. You never know who you can meet next who will help your business grow to the next level.