Kingston Smith

SME Success research published by academic journal

The European Journal of Training and Development has published the report ‘Success in Challenging Times: Key lessons for UK SMEs’, which Kingston Smith commissioned the University of Surrey to undertake. The research identified the triggers for success among small and medium sized enterprises and was launched by Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise on 11 October 2012.

The research, led by Professor Mark Saunders and Professor David Gray of the University of Surrey, was based on the views of over 1,000 business leaders in the UK and delved into the key triggers for success. The key findings cover a wide range of areas including finance, social media, networking, exporting, access to advice and leadership. The summary report can be accessed here.

The Professors both commented that they were delighted that, in addition to the considerable amount of media coverage the work had already received, it had also been recognised by their fellow academics.

Paul Samrah, partner at Kingston Smith, commented: “We knew when we launched this research that the subject matter would be of considerable interest to SMEs across the country, and we are thrilled that it has been recognised as a piece of eminently valid research which owner managed businesses can draw succour from.”

In October 2013, we commissioned a further piece of research which analysed the disconnect between SMEs’ and banks’ perceptions of the issues around bank finance, which was a key finding of the original research.  Those findings were well received at the report’s launch by over 100 SMEs, banks and policy makers, who enjoyed an in-depth Q&A. The research was conducted by Professor Mark Saunders of the University of Surrey and Professor David Gray of the University of Greenwich.

Our next piece of research, due for launch in May, will focus on SMEs’ use of social capital, including social media as well as more traditional forms of engagement with other members of the business community. Click here to register your interest.