September 26th, 2016 / Insight posted in Blog

Top tips to improve your team’s productivity

It is often the case that in most businesses employees have too much to do and not enough time to do it. And, the real challenge that business owners and employees  face, is not only managing personal workloads, but the collective one.

Streamlining procedures and strategic planning should help, however, ensuring employees are enabled to be productive through active communication should be at the forefront of every business owners mind.

Productivity is key for any business, and with research showing that the UK has one of the lowest productivity levels of the more advanced economies in the world, it should be a top priority for every business agenda.

However, the task of improving productivity should not be looked at as a daunting one! By simply implementing some small changes in an office and creating a culture that is enjoyable for employees, business owners can effectively encourage their team to become more motivated and work more efficiently.

Here are a few tips for improving office productivity.

Ensure employees are happy

If a team is happy, they are more likely to be motivated and have a more productive attitude when it comes to their work – it really is that simple.

As a starting point, it is a good idea to find out how team members are feeling, whether this is done by implementing surveys or conducting one to one interviews. When employers have a better idea of employee morale, they can begin to implement changes that will lead to improved productivity.

1. Daily Team huddle

When working as a team, it is often easy to forget to communicate updates about what is happening when it comes to the business and office goings- on, and as a result, people may feel disengaged or ‘left out’.

A daily team huddle can be a great way to avoid this and maintain good team communication, however small the piece of information may be. Each morning, outline what tasks needs to be accomplished and who is going to be accountable for them, update staff members on any new information and have an allocated time slot for any general questions.

As an added perk, bring some pastries in to the office to boost morning morale!

2. Encourage your team to be social

As a business owner, the idea of employees sitting back and having a chat can be disconcerting, but an element of social activity is crucial.

Employees should be actively encouraged to get to know each other, and use their allocated break times in order to socialise, as research shows that mandated downtime improves productivity and team morale.

In addition, by planning enjoyable team building days or activities will enable teams to get to know one another better; opening the door for more collaboration and idea sharing, which will inevitably benefit the business.

3. Get your team to move about

The physical benefits of exercise speak for themselves; lower blood pressure, a healthier heart, and healthier joints. However, one aspect is often overlooked – the impact on the way that we think. Research supports this, with a study showing that exercise holds immediate benefits when it comes to cognition.

A short burst of exercise for fifteen minutes can be very effective, so why not try and encourage exercise during breaks? Alternatively, implementing standing desks in an office is a quick and effective solution.

Activity Based Office’s, where team members are encouraged to move around to different areas of the office depending on what they are doing (rather than sending an email) is also a quick and free fix. In an Activity Based Office, there is typically space for collaboration, with a focus on workspaces and meeting areas. A change of scenery will also have a profound effect on an employee’s state of mind.

Bonus tip: Avoid micromanagement!

Micromanaging can hinder feelings of accomplishment and can often diminish motivation, therefore management should always allow employees to feel empowered. Actively encourage team members to take ownership of their tasks, and show that they are trusted, and that their opinion and ideas are respected and valued.

These are just a few ideas of how to improve productivity throughout the day. Some will take time to implement, but the results will speak for themselves!

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