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Work More, Do Less! Increase your Productivity

According to recent studies, only half of employees surveyed actually understand the true meaning of productivity. In addition to this, only a third of those thought they had a productive workday!

Some explained productivity by achieving deadlines and some, completing their work without the need to do overtime.

The business definition of productivity is ‘the measure of efficiency of production’.

What does productivity mean for your business? Would you measure the results based on:

  • Sales targets
  • Project completion
  • Market reach

To me, productivity is simply: ‘Work More, Do Less!’

Do you have any really long, drawn out processes that are that way because “historically, it is how we have always done it”? What if you could halve the time is takes to complete the process resulting in a quicker turnaround time which, in doing so could lead to an increase in profits? If not money related, increasing productivity can mean that you complete more processes in the same amount of time compared to past activity. Think of a simple assembly line and the introduction of the conveyor belt. That, essentially, is increasing productivity.

The lack of understanding is slightly worrying; however, achieving deadlines is not something to take for granted! But what if your employees are reaching those deadlines by working themselves to the bone, at the cost of company expense and their own wellbeing? Could there be a more ‘efficient’ way to achieve the same end goal?

This shouldn’t be confused with looking for shortcuts. Shortcuts open you up to missing something or making errors.

Productivity doesn’t just help your bottom line; it can be extended to all functions within a business.

Here at KSHRC, a project we find often benefits new clients is to carry out a health check on all of your HR processes and procedures for the complete employment lifecycle. Upon completion we provide a detailed report which contains suggestions and recommendations on how you may be able to improve your current practices.

It has recently been argued that productivity naturally increases when a workforce feel engaged with their employer, when they are motivated, encouraged to be innovative and have development opportunities which are openly discussed. Does this sound like your business?

If you are interested in an HR Health Check or would like to speak to someone about how you can motivate and engage with your employees, call us on 01708 758958, where one of our consultants will be happy to help.