Design & branding tops marketing services sector, analysis of 2017 financial performance reveals

05.12.18 / Insight posted in Articles

Design & branding has established itself as the top performing discipline among its peers, the Kingston Smith 2018 Annual Survey of the financial performance of marketing services companies reveals. After improving for the second year running, design & branding, which has historically struggled financially compared to many other disciplines, is now leading the way in…


Kingston Smith celebrates the capital’s connectivity through the centuries

22.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles, KS News

In November, we celebrated London’s connectivity – past, present and future. We thought it fitting to hold an event in the Museum of London, as it lies right at the heart of the city, where ancient collides with modern. Tracing London through the millennia, each with its own technological ingenuity, brings into focus the whole…


60 second property poll

19.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles

We are looking for quick responses to topical questions impacting the UK property industry which we can then share with our clients and contacts. This survey should only take a minute to complete. Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. If you have any suggestions for future poll…


Brexit Blog – Brexit Withdrawal Treaty: 15 November 2018

15.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles, Blog

So the proposed treaty, running to some 500 pages, has finally been released. Theresa May has won cabinet support after a five-hour meeting (or ferocious debate) and the UK’s exit moves to the next stage. The Brexit deal still requires EU27 agreement – a summit is planned before the end of the month; and then…


Company insolvency statistics – Q3 2018

15.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles

The Insolvency Service has released the latest figures for Q3 2018 and reports that company insolvencies have increased compared with Q2 2018. This has been driven by the highest number of creditors’ voluntary liquidations since Q1 2012. At Kingston Smith & Partners, we are with our clients through the tough times as well as the…


VAT implications of no-deal Brexit

14.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles

The government has published a paper based on the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the VAT implications. The guidance is useful but mostly not surprising. Here we summarise HMRC’s guidance on how VAT would affect businesses in the event of a no-deal Brexit on 29 March 2019. Postponed VAT accounting on imports Postponed accounting…


There’s more to value than financials

12.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles

Financial value has been the traditional way of measuring an organisation’s success. However, financial value is not the only type of value that exists. The Oxford English Dictionary defines value as the “importance, worth or usefulness of something”. For many people there is a lot of value in the non-financial aspects of their lives, in…


Top tips for integrating your social value policy

12.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles

Kingston Smith’s impact team works with clients to incorporate social value and its principles into everything they do. Read our five top tips below about how to integrate your social value policy into your organisation so that it is followed and applied in a straightforward way: 1. Start realistically Begin with a clearly defined area…


Growth Capital Update Q3 2018 – Record year for growth capital in the UK

07.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles

Our latest growth capital update reveals that tech deals no longer rule the roost in 2018. Online B2B services gave tech deals a run for the growth-capital money this quarter, equalling the sector’s 16% of overall deal volume in the first nine months of this year. Institutions led deal-doing again this quarter, with 70% of…


Property alert – new rules for houses in multiple occupation

06.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles

New legislation has come into effect in England and Wales that affects landlords of houses in multiple occupation (HMO). The summary below gives brief details of the main changes to the rules. Minimum standards for bedroom sizes The following minimum standards now apply: Double bedrooms must be at least 10.22m2 in area; Single bedrooms must…