Acquisitions and buy-outs are complex transactions and normally, transformative processes in the life-cycle of any business. If an acquisition is targeted and skilfully managed, your business strengthens its competitive position and shareholder value increases.

Successful expansion of your business, through merger or acquisition, requires a balanced strategic plan that considers issues such as psychological impact, physical alterations and change management. We help you to review your long term aspirations and decisions on whether a merger or an acquisition is indeed appropriate for your business.

Through a series of key interviews, we examine your situation and help you create a robust strategy. We then use our understanding of your long term objectives to develop suitable criteria for the assessment of potential targets.

Our experienced and skilful team will lead you through the process, helping you to identify the most lucrative opportunities and select the best targets. Our eyes are firmly fixed on your business’s future.

And last, but not least we can assist in integrating your acquisition into your business once the transaction has taken place.

Sometimes the best route to an acquisition or sale is through a management buy-in (MBI) or management buy-out (MBO).

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