As Insolvency Practitioners we have expertise advising Directors of companies should they be subject to Directors Disqualification proceedings. Early action is essential to take control of the situation and limit any damage or indeed have the proceedings dropped.

A Disqualification Order or Undertaking can prevent you from acting as a Company Director and have a devastating impact both in terms of your reputation and the ability to earn a living. It is for that reason that it is important to take advice from a proactive expert who has experience and expertise in devising appropriate strategies to either defeat proceedings brought under the CDDA 1986 or to minimise the impact of a Disqualification Order or Disqualification Undertaking.

At first we acquire a detailed understanding of the background and assess the prospects of a successfully defence. We can assist with your defence and suggest specialist solicitors to act on your behalf. Alternative strategies can be explored, rather than defending in court, such as offering an undertaking. If this strategy is adopted then we can use our expertise and experience to negotiate acceptable terms for such an Undertaking.

We have success with individuals who are subject to Disqualification Undertakings or Disqualification Orders so that you may continue in your business career.

If you require any assistance or have been threatened with proceedings under the CDDA, please contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to have a no obligation conversation with you to see if we can help you.

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