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Impact measurement is of increasing global importance for any entity seeking to deliver public benefit. Never has it been more important for non-profits to understand the value of their work on those they seek to help. The benefits are numerous:

  • Improved services for beneficiaries
  • A healthier, effective and more sustainable charity
  • Increased public trust and support
  • Compliance with likely future legislative changes
  • Improved fundraising asks by demonstrating achievements
  • Enabling integrated reporting – connecting financial and social value

Kingston Smith Fundraising and Management has developed a suite of impact measurement products, with SROI Accredited Practitioner Karl Leathem, to suit your organisation’s budget.

There are a number of tools that claim to assist charities to measure their impact, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. The process we recommend involves the following:

  • Defining purpose: What are your main reasons for measuring and reporting your impact? What are the main benefits and are their any risks? Who are your main audiences for Impact Reporting?
  • Planning: What are the main changes that you feel that your work creates for those engaging with your services? How will you measure change? Who will lead on this and who else will need to be involved? What will your Impact Reporting model look like?
  • Action: What actions and resources will you need to develop your approach?
  • Review and report: How and where will you present your data? Will you use it to support your financial reporting?
  • Analysis: What actions will you take as a result of your impact findings and what will you need to do to monitor and manage impact in the future?

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