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Setting up a new membership organisation

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  • Are you setting up an association/trade association/charity?
  • Do you know the size of your potential membership, the services your association will offer and where you want to be in three years time?
  • Do you require legal advice and assistance with the Charity Commission or Companies House?

We can help

A dynamic economy means that there is continual change in the membership sector, with new associations and professional bodies being created and existing ones closing down, merging or radically restructuring.

Often, industry leaders recognise the need for a membership organisation, perhaps in response to new government regulation, but they are unsure of how to go about establishing one and do not wish to devote significant resources to this work.

KSAM provides a comprehensive service, from evaluating the need for a trade association or professional body, setting up an association, through to drawing up a constitution and business plan and then, if required, ongoing management. Where circumstances require, this can be done very quickly – in a matter of weeks.

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Phil Slinger

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Role: Director - Kingston Smith Association Management

Phil Slinger

Your contribution to the launch of our association has been immense and the product you and your team have delivered has been outstanding.
New professional membership body, President KSAM Client