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Date Target Name Target Country Target Business Description Sector Acquirer Name Acquirer Country Deal Value (£m) Link to Press Release
08/17 Layerv Ltd UK Public cloud integration services IT Services Pulsant Ltd UK n.a.
08/17 Halarose Holdings Ltd UK Electoral back office software developer holding company Apps & Software Idox Plc UK 5
08/17 VBrand Ltd IL Online brand exposure analysis software publisher Media Technology Nielsen Holdings Plc UK n.a.
08/17 Monitise Plc UK Online mobile banking telecommunications software developer Financial Technology Fiserv UK Ltd UK 74.65
08/17 Paysafe Merchant Services Ltd UK Online payment transfer services Financial Technology Spectrum Global Ltd UK 308
08/17 Scondoo Gmbh DE Brand marketing services, Grocery shopping discount mobile application provider Apps & Software Checkout Smart Ltd UK n.a.
08/17 Delivery Hero Ag's Foodpanda Online Food Ordering and Delivery Platform Operations in Georgia GE Online food ordering and delivery platform operator Apps & Software Menu Group (UK) Ltd UK n.a.
08/17 Cloudamize Inc. US Online cloud computing and performance management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Cloudreach Holdings Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Telesoft Corporation US Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software developer Apps & Software Market Data Services Ltd UK n.a.
08/17 Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd AU Online airport parking booking services Apps & Software Looking4Parking Ltd UK n.a.
08/17 Intrinsic Technology Ltd UK Business IT communications consultancy services IT Services Maintel Holdings Plc UK 5.25
08/17 La Marque Rose Sarl FR Audio recording and localisation services Media Technology Keywords Studios Plc UK 6.87
08/17 Spectrum Financial Group Ltd UK Online payment platform developer holding company, Online payment platform operator holding company, Payment services holding company Financial Technology Fairfx Group Plc UK 15
08/17 Adincube FR Mobile in-app mediation services Media Technology Mozoo UK Ltd UK 15.12
08/17 Intrinsys Ltd UK Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software developer Apps & Software Addnode Group Ab SE 15.2
07/17 Service Works Group Ltd UK Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software developer Apps & Software Addnode Group Ab SE 18.21
08/17 Atomwide Ltd UK IT & ICT solutions provider IT Services Adept Telecom Plc UK 20
08/17 Matssoft Ltd UK Online workflow and communications Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Netcall Plc UK 22.08
07/17 Kreuzfahrtberater Gmbh DE Online cruise booking platform operator e-Commerce UK 22.36
07/17 Love Home Swap Ltd UK Online home exchange holiday platform operator Apps & Software RCI Europe UK 40.31
08/17 Worldpay Group Plc UK Online payment processing mobile application provider, Online payment processing services Financial Technology Vantiv UK Ltd UK 9250.64
07/17 Sophia Ltd UK Machine learning marketing software developer Apps & Software Aiqudo Inc. US n.a.
07/17 Captive.Net Sprl/Bvba BE Cloud-managed wireless Software-as-a-Service provider Apps & Software Airangel Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Codebashing Ltd UK Online interactive secure applications training Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform operator Education Technology Checkmarx Ltd IL n.a.
07/17 Sybenetix Ltd UK Financial market surveillance and compliance monitoring software developer Apps & Software Nasdaq Inc. US n.a.
07/17 Newable Consulting Ltd UK Cloud-based services, Data privacy analytics and forensics services, Data risk, technology, assurance and advisory services, Data security audits services Cyber Security Shearwater Group Plc UK 0.7
07/17 Intacct Corporation US Online financial management and accounting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software The Sage Group Plc UK 652.7
07/17 Datapoint Europe Holding Sl ES Customer contact centre technology developer IT Services Sabio Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Piriform Ltd UK Computer maintenance software developer Apps & Software Avast Software Sro CZ n.a.
07/17 Bordeaux Acquisition Ltd UK Acquisition vehicle, Electron microscopy sample preparation and cryo-SEM products manufacturer holding company Health Technology Bordeaux Acquisition Ltd UK 1.34
07/17 Hudman Ltd UK Online cloud-based accounting and business management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Advanced Computer Software Group Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Data Communication Business Bv NL Cybersecurity software wholesaler Apps & Software Nuvias Group Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Red7Mobile Ltd UK Mobile gaming application developer Media Technology Scientific Games Corporation US n.a.
07/17 Tricode Beheer Bv NL Customer experience management software developer, Hosting services Media Technology Building Blocks (UK) Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Syngro Ltd UK Customer insight data visualisation platform operator Media Technology Maru Group Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 The Experience Engine Inc US Online customer experience management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Media Technology Accesso Technology Group Plc UK 62.24
07/17 Atomhawk Design Ltd UK Visual development and design services Media Technology Sumo Digital Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Perfect Commerce Llc US Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software developer Apps & Software Proactis Holdings Plc UK 102.18
07/17 Simulity Labs Ltd UK Online server-based applications connection and embedded communications software provider Internet of Things Arm Holdings Plc UK 11.7
07/17 Nubeliu Consultoria E Licenciamento De Software Ltda BR Online private and hybrid cloud environments openstack platform operator IT Services Logicalis Group Ltd UK n.a.
07/17 Health & Parenting Ltd UK Healthcare and family-related mobile application developer Apps & Software Koninklijke Philips Nv NL n.a.
07/17 Protocall One Ltd UK Digital software integration and support services IT Services Connect Managed Services Ltd UK n.a.
06/17 Justgiving Foundation UK Online charitable crowdfunding platform operator Apps & Software Blackbaud Inc. US 95
06/17 Proofid Ltd UK Internet access management software provider Apps & Software Pegright Inc. US n.a.
06/17 Confirma Sistemas De Informacion Sl ES Fraud prevention and anti-money laundering software developer, Online data operational risk valuation platform operator Apps & Software Callcredit Information Group Ltd UK n.a.
06/17 Selima Ltd UK Online HR, payroll and expense management software as a service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Access UK Ltd UK n.a.
06/17 Monitise Plc UK Online mobile banking telecommunications software developer Financial Technology Fiserv UK Ltd UK 69.96
06/17 Company85 Ltd UK Data storage services Data & Analytics Telstra Corporation Ltd AU n.a.
06/17 Com Laude Ltd UK Web domain management, security and recovery services IT Services Adsero Capital Ltd UK n.a.
05/17 Oxalide FR DevOps and Cloud specialist IT Services Claranet Group Ltd UK n.a.
05/17 Sec-1 UK Network security solutions provider IT Services Claranet Group Ltd UK n.a.
05/17 Iten Solutions - Sistemas de Informacao Sa PT Computer systems facilities management services, Custom computer programming services, IT consultancy services IT Services Claranet Group Ltd UK n.a.
05/17 Gmbh DR Online flight booking platform operator Apps & Software Hogg Robinson Group Plc UK n.a.
05/17 Space Ape Games (UK) Ltd UK Online mobile and social game developer Apps & Software Supercell Oy FI 69.24
05/17 OTAS Technologies Ltd UK Online pretrade and intrade analysis platform operator Financial Technology Liquidnet Holdings Inc. US n.a.
05/17 Postcode Anywhere (Holdings) Ltd UK Online address validation and data quality Software as a service (SaaS) provider holding company Apps & Software GB Group Plc UK 73.85
05/17 Maple US Food delivery services, Online mobile food delivery application developer Apps & Software Roofoods Ltd UK n.a.
05/17 Digital Assurance Ltd UK Computer security consultancy services, IT training services, Security assessment and testing solution software developer IT Services F-Secure Oyj FI n.a.
04/17 Alphakinetic Ltd's business and assets UK Online cloud based data services, Trading, portfolio management and risk management software developer Financial Technology Virtus Partners Holdings Llc US n.a.
04/17 Active Operations Management Australia Pty Ltd AU Cloud-based back office workforce optimization solutions wholesaler Apps & Software Activeops Ltd UK n.a.
04/17 Motor Trade Delivery Ltd UK Online real-time automotive delivery marketplace operator Apps & Software Auto Trader Group Plc UK n.a.
04/17 Integritie (UK) Ltd UK Online workflow business Software as a service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Rosslyn Data Technologies Plc UK 3.34
04/17 Nanotether Discovery Science Ltd UK Biomolecular development acceleration services Health Technology Tekcapital Plc UK 0.27
04/17 Kuoni Reisen Holding Ag's Global Travel Distribution Business Activities CH Online travel booking platform provider Apps & Software Hotelbeds Group Sl ES n.a.
04/17 Utiligroup Holdings Ltd UK Utility management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Clean Technology Energy Services Group Llc US n.a.
04/17 Securenvoy Ltd UK Online two factor security authentication Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Shearwater Group Plc UK 20
04/17 Wbase Scs/Cv BE Web development services Apps & Software Artilium Plc UK 0.35
04/17 Foursys Ltd UK IT security services installation services, IT security services wholesaler IT Services Chess Ltd UK n.a.
04/17 IQ Retail (Pty) Ltd ZA Business administration software publisher Apps & Software Kerridge Commercial Systems Ltd UK n.a.
04/17 Blackbay Ltd UK Mobile workforce management software developer Apps & Software Blujay Solutions Ltd UK n.a.
04/17 Switch.Cm UK Hotel API architecture and reservation services Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Flymya Tech Co., Ltd MM 0.48
04/17 Osmo Data Technology Ltd UK Automated data extraction Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Tax Systems Plc UK 3.2
04/17 365 Itms Ltd UK Cloud-based Infrastructure-as-aService (IaaS) solutions provider, Computer and computer equipment wholesaler IT Services Coretx Holdings Plc UK 4.6
04/17 Genfour Ltd UK Pure play automation services Data & Analytics Accenture Plc IE n.a.
03/17 AI Controlpoint Ltd UK Online crisis and incident management Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software One Voice As NO n.a.
03/17 Focus Group Europe Ltd UK Online ServiceNow cloud-based software consultancy services IT Services Accenture Plc IE n.a.
03/17 Alpha Generation Distribution Ltd UK IT consultancy services IT Services 4Secgroup Ltd UK n.a.
03/17 Kite Tech Ltd UK Online mobile ecommerce personalised print platform operator Apps & Software Canon Europa Nv NL n.a.
03/17 Mybuilder Ltd UK Online tradesmen feedback and reviewing platform operator Apps & Software Homeadvisor Inc. US n.a.
03/17 Ingresso Group Ltd UK Online ticket marketplace platform operator, Ticket marketplace software platform developer Apps & Software Accesso Technology Group Plc UK 28
03/17 Junifer Systems Ltd UK Online utility customer information and billing system Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Gentrack Group Ltd NZ 40.2
03/17 Infracast Ltd UK Multi-channel messaging application and middleware provider IT Services Imimobile Plc UK 9.6
03/17 Safe Computing Holdings Ltd UK Job supply, staffing, recruitment and payroll software developer Apps & Software Access UK Ltd UK n.a.
03/17 Cyberghost Srl RO Online cyber security Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Crossrider Plc UK £8.02m
03/17 Xbridge Ltd UK Online insurance brokerage services Financial Technology The Travelers Companies Inc US £402.85m
03/17 The Internet Corporation Ltd UK Online recruitment and applicant tracking system platform operator Apps & Software Pixid Sas FR n.a.
03/17 Invapay Payment Solutions Ltd UK Online cloud-based payment processing services Financial Technology Optal Ltd UK n.a.
03/17 Effective Telecoms Ltd UK Telecommunication and mobile expenses management services & software developer Apps & Software Cass Information Systems Inc. US n.a.
03/17 Sonalytic Ltd UK Online audio recognition and identification Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software Spotify Ab SE n.a.
03/17 Venus Business Communications Ltd UK Business fibre optic internet line operator Hardware Metronet (UK) Ltd UK n.a.
03/17 Stuart Delivery Ltd UK Online quick delivery services platform operator Apps & Software Geopost Sa FR n.a.
02/17 Silver Lining Solutions Ltd UK Employee performance optimisation software developer Apps & Software Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc. US n.a.
02/17 Emergent Network Intelligence Ltd UK Online insurance claims efficiency and fraud detection Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Data & Analytics Verisk Analytics Inc. US n.a.
03/17 Expert Agent UK IT consultancy services, IT training services, Online cloud based workflow tools and website products Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, Web design services Apps & Software ZPG Plc UK n.a.
03/17 Embark Ideas Ltd UK Online sports action replay platform operator Media Technology Crichq Ltd NZ n.a.
02/17 Primacy Corporation CA Financial software developer Apps & Software Microgen Plc UK £3.43m
02/17 The ITAD Works Ltd UK Asset recycling services, Hardware change and IT asset disposition consultancy services Hardware Restore Plc UK n.a.
02/17 Mistbase Ab SE IoT (Internet of Things) wireless communications platform operator, IoT (Internet of Things) wireless communications software developer Internet of Things Arm Holdings Plc UK n.a.
02/17 Spectre Technologies Ltd MT Bespoke financial markets software developer Financial Technology Prepaid Financial Services Ltd UK n.a.
02/17 Paradigm Systems Ltd UK IT consultancy services, Online cloud based business and desktop and data management services IT Services New Signature Inc. US n.a.
02/17 Open Cloud Ltd UK IT consultancy services, Online cloud based IMS services and transition software developer IT Services Metaswitch Networks Ltd UK n.a.
02/17 Root 6 Ltd UK Supplier of technology to the UK broadcast, film, post-production and media communities Media Technology Jigsaw Systems Ltd UK n.a.
02/17 Flint IT Ltd UK IT support and consultancy services IT Services Virtual IT Ltd UK n.a.
02/17 Secure Information Assurance Ltd UK Cloud-based cyber security software provider, Online cloud-based government data hosting services Apps & Software Ltd UK n.a.